Unofficial herding trials



date state place ORGANIZation level of trial judge PROPOsition registration INFO
farm 1 farm 2 farm 3
19.-20.3.2016 CZ Makotřasy SPCZ TS?  TS? Muzikářová PROPOSITION REGISTRATION INFO
26.-27.3.2016 CZ Makotřasy SPCZ CS? Rájová, Sochorová PROPOSITION REGISTRATION INFO
29.-31.7.2015 CZ Martínkovice  SPCZ CS, TS ???  – INFO
24.-25.9.2016 CZ Martínkovice  SPCZ CS Kryštofová  –  – INFO
15.-16.10.2016 CZ Nová Ves  SPCZ CS? CS?  CS? Maček  –  – INFO
15.-16.10.2016 CZ Koclířov KPOP MR INFO
12-13.11.2016 CZ Nová Ves SPCZ CS? CS? Jindra INFO

We will be very happy for any additional info or another trials.
Question mark is there, where from the official calendar of SPCZ is not sure, if performance levels applies to FCI IHT of Farm trial.

Up to date 1.3.2016