ISDS herding trials



date state place ORGANIZAtion level of trial judge PROPOsition registration INFO
T 1 T 2 T 3
23.-24.4.2016 CZ Tichá KPOP sheep Q1, cattle? Kathrin Gleis (AT) INFO
14.-15.5.2016 CZ Raná KPOP sheep Q1  – INFO
2.-3.7.2015 CZ Křečany KPOP sheep?, goats?  – INFO
12.-14.8.2016 CZ Čelina KPOP Czech open – sheep Q2  –  – INFO
20.-21.8.2016 CZ Rakousy SPCZ sheep Luca Fini
26.-28.8.2016 FIN Juva ISDS Continental  –  – INFO
10.-11.9.2016 CZ Načešice SPCZ sheep Koško
17.-18.9.2016 CZ Huníkov KPOP Welsh style INFO
1.-2.10.2016 CZ Načešice KPOP sheep sheep sheep Q2 Susanne Lejuez (NL) INFO
15.-16.10.2016 CZ Koclířov KPOP sheep INFO

We will be very happy for any additional info or another trials.

Question mark is there, where from the official calendar of KPOP is not sure, which performance level will be opened.
Q1 = qualifying for CSC 2016, CSC 2017 and World Trial 2017
Q2 = qualifying for CSC 2017 and World Trial 2017

Up to date 1.3.2016