ČAOPP Champion



At the end of herding season the title Champion ČAOPP will be announced.
According to the coefficient set, we will sum points gained on all herding events of this year and Champion ČAOPP 2016 will be announced, separatelly for TS and CS.

There’s no need to apply for it. Conditions are to be member of ČAOPP and to send a scan of Score sheets, eventually links or scans of list of all results from the trial, for calculation of points per defeated competitors.


Number of points in % devided by 10, multiplied by performance level, plus 0,5 point per each defeated competitor. For successfully fulfilled HWT (above 60% points) will be stably added 4 points. For aptitude test (NHAT, ZVOP, PIP, SVPP, HIT, …) will be stably added 1 point.
For paricipation in trial held by ČAOPP will be added following points – 2p. for IHT3, 1p. for IHT2, 0,5p. for IHT1, 0,2p. for HWT a 0,1p. for NHAT/ZVOP.


Competitor gains 4. place out of 15 in IHT3 TS with 135 points in ČAOPP trial.
135p. out of 150 = 90%
90/10 = 9 x3 = 27 + 11×0,5 = 32,5 + 2p. = 34,5p.

Competitor gains 1. place out of 15 in IHT2 TS with 95 points in trial held by other organization.
95p. out of 100 = 95%
95/10 = 9,5 x2 = 19 + 11×0,5 = 24,5p.

Competitor gains 8. place out of 11 in IHT1 CS with 70 points in ČAOPP trial.
70p. out of 100 = 70%
70/10 = 7 x1 = 7 + 3×0,5 = 8,5 + 0,5 = 9p.

This is the first year, so please be tolerant. We will be happy, if you will send to us your opinion or critics of calculation, so we could reconsider it for next years and to make it really fair.