Česká asociace ovčáckých a pasteveckých psů, z.s. (Czech sheep dog association) is governed by regulation of FCI for all sheepdogs, cattledogs and flock guardian dogs.

Main activity of our associations is to organize trials and trainings for herding dogs, clinics for instructors and judges.

Membership in our association is voluntary and anyone, who would like to participate in our activities, can become a member.

Main activities of our members is auspices of herding with dogs in these areas:

  • Training centers and instructors – association of training centers, instructors and their regular education, as the base for development of herding in Czech Republic. It is the first place, where those interested in herding has come and receive information. That’s why it’s main pillar on which herding rely. Work with instructors in training centers must motivate handlers to trials and practical work. It will ignites a spark for next work. We want to run such a training centers.
  • Judges – regular education of judges in assessment of trials, so the newest tends in herding are met and assessment would be united, objective and in accordance with regulations.
  • International cooperation – cooperation in making international hedring regulations and development of internation cooperation with partners abroad.
  • Organizing of trials and auspicies of organizers – we want to cooperate with organizers on making quality conditions on trials for competitors, judges and organizers. We are aware, that there can’t be any trials without training areas and organizers. We want to help in all areas of organizing trials – it means in economic, organizing and sponsoring areas. By preparation of uniform procedures and aids we want to minimize administrative burden.
  • Information – we would like to bring new information about herding, sheepdog training and stockdog trials to the community of people interested in herding with dogs. Also we would like to address the public and rise awareness about this sport.